Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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Parent - Teacher - Student interviews are March 15,16,17th.    Please help me to book your meeting time by completing the attached google form.  

Through slow motion walking we were practicing mindful movement in class today with Mrs. Langford.  How might our world be different if everyone practiced being mindful of their own bodies and how they move all of the time?

Monday, 27 February 2017

Upcoming dates this week:

Wednesday: Pink shirt day.  Everyone is encouraged to wear a pink shirt to stand up against bullying.

Friday: Spelling test and assignment # 6 is due

Friday, 17 February 2017

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At this time of year many students have lost or used up supplies that are needed in the classroom on a daily basis.  Right now pencils, fine liners and whiteboard markers seem to be in very short supply and we still have a lot of time together this year.  Over the week's break could you please check in with your child about their school supplies and take a few minutes while you are out in town, or getting groceries, to top up their supplies to last for the rest of the year.

Thank you and I hope you all have a great time together over the family day weekend!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

La Carnaval D'Hiver!
Well, it may not have been the most winter-like of days but we still had a great time at our winter carnival.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and especially to Mme.Santerre and Mme.Provencher for organizing such a great afternoon.  Take a look at some of our great pictures  and follow this link to see more.

Reminder that Math weekly #6 is due tomorrow on our half day Friday. Also that next week for Family day and teacher's convention there will be no school for students.  Classes resume Feb.27th.

Also - if you missed it...
Dear Parents,
WordSmash Registration is now open for Grades 5-12. Click on Word Smash 2017
We are limited to 60 spots this year! Students who apply should be ready to spend the day writing with various authors and journalists.
Thank you!
Myka Breymann

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Today is science we introduced the topic of surface tension with a challenge: How many drops of water can be placed on the surface of a single penny?  Our predictions ranged from 2 - 10 but when we tried it we were blown away by how many could actually be held together by water's surface tension before it finally spilled over!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Here are the final sets of gymnastics photos and videos.  What a great introduction and exploration of gymnastics that everyone was able to participate in!

*Please check in with your child to see if they are ready for their math quiz tomorrow morning.  Practice quizzes were sent home and posted last week to help check on skills*

Assignments due this week:
Wednesday - Novel Reviews are due
Friday - Math weekly #6 is due

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Math review quiz next Tuesday Feb.14.  This will focus on place value, adding, subtracting and multiplying skills. For every final assignment we always complete a practice page ahead of time that looks the same but has different numbers.  I will always provide a practice quiz ahead of time for the same reason.  This practice quiz has the same number and type of questions, only the digits will be changed.

I have handed out a hard copy of this for studying, but follow this link to print off another copy if you need. Parent support for studying is always encouraged.  Ask your child to show you how they are doing!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Scholastic book orders are due by Feb.15 please.  


Did you know that every dollar spent on book orders goes towards book points for our class library?  This is how we are able to grow and improve the classroom library to have more selection. So if you have a reader in your family, take a look at our February book orders.  If you find what you like, you'll help me to offer an even greater selection for daily reading options in our homeroom.

Happy Valentine’s day!
This year Valentine’s Day takes place on Tuesday, February 14th. We will be having our Valentine’s party in the classroom during last period.  Students are welcome to bring homemade treats to share if they’d like to.

Please consider also the idea of healthy snacks to supplement lunches as an alternative to sugary goodies. If you plan to send a snack or drink, please send individually sized goodies (such as cupcakes instead of a full cake) and accessories like drink glasses if you send juice or hot drinks.

Students are welcome to bring Valentine cards to exchange during last period and are reminded to practice showing respect and caring towards others by making sure not to leave out any classmates.  There are 24 students in our class. 
Tristan D
Tristan H
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LGMS Carnaval  Feb.16
This winter festival will include some great winter activity stations during the afternoon and we are looking for some fabulous parent volunteers to help run these stations.  Please contact Renee Provencher or myself if you are able to help us out from 1:00-3:15 on the afternoon of Feb.16th.  In addition, one of our stations will be a braiding station and we are looking for any donations of yarn (colours don't matter).  If you have any old balls of yarn in a closet in your house that you don't mind donating, please send them in with your child before the 16th.

Monday, 6 February 2017

This week's new gymnastics pictures are here.  Follow this link to the folder to take a peek!

Reminder that our spelling test and assignment # 5 will be Friday.  Also Novel reviews will be due by Feb.15.  These need to show a strong understanding of the characters and events in the novel by having very complete, specific responses.  

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

We have an interesting event taking place tomorrow morning.  There are some visiting educators here in the valley that will be coming through our classroom to get some film footage of alternate seating.  They will be using this for informing other teachers.

As we are lucky enough to have some soft seating, yoga balls and hokey chairs along with our traditional chairs and desks in our classroom we have been asked to welcome them for a few minutes.  They do not plan to interview any students, just take some pictures.  You'll find more information from Mr.Kestle, and a consent form in your email shortly.

If you have any concerns and do not want your child to be filmed, please let us know at the school.