Thursday, 25 May 2017

Next Thursday, June 1st students will have a unit test for our electricity and magnetism unit.  Today we will be working in study groups to collect the most important pieces of information from our units and notes and we will be working together to check for accuracy.  Once groups finish these notes they will be available to everyone.  Each student was also provided with a study guide to help them to prepare at home. All the information that they need (at our grade level) is based on the notes and labs we complete in science class. Parent help with study skills and quizzing are always greatly appreciated!
Electricity & Magnetism Study guide

  • What is a magnetic field?  What does it look like around a bar magnet and a horseshoe magnet?
  • Can a magnet be created? How?
  • Given a situation (described or pictured) tell why it is dangerous and what you should do to be safe? (look back at your Safety Rules worksheet)
  • What is an insulator? A conductor? (be able to give examples of each)
 A circuit? A current?
  • What type of circuit must you have for electricity to flow through it?
  • What direction does current flow?
  • Given a picture of a circuit tell me if the light will turn on.
  • Know the symbolic way of diagramming parts of a circuit. (circuit symbols)
  • Explain what a switch is, how it works and one way of making one.
  • What is a series circuit? How does it work? What are some uses for it? (advantages, disadvantages)
  • What is a parallel circuit? How does it work? What are some uses for it? (advantages, disadvantages)

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