Monday, 8 May 2017

Our legends are coming along and lots of great story ideas have been developing in class!  Please take a minute tonight to ask your child to show you (or tell you) how the beginning of their story starts.  You should be able to identify the main character(s), the setting (somewhere in Canada) and the problem of the story.  If not - please ask your child to explain those three things to you.

Important dates this week:
Tomorrow we have a presenter coming from Calgary to introduce the topic and tools for building our electric cars.  This is a super cool project that requires a lot of creative thinking and problem solving.  Keep an eye out for information about ordering these kits a little later this week.
Friday In spelling we are working on list 10 and the assignment that is homework for it is assignment #1 (we have looped back to the top of the assignment list and will be continuing in order)

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