Monday, 12 June 2017

This week's a busy one!  Take a look at the main things you need to know.

Tuesday: All library books to be returned to the library after lunch.
Wednesday: Track and field.  Runs from after first recess until the end of the day.
Thursday: Wetland field trip.  Students need a backpack with a bag lunch, appropriate clothing for all day outside (plus rain gear just in case), rubber boots and sunscreen/bug spray may be good ideas too.  Thank you to our 5 parent volunteers joining on this trip as well!!

Additional notes: There will be no math weekly assignment this week and the final reading record assignment was handed out today but won't be due back until Friday the 23rd (since we will be missing some of our daily reading times)

Finally - we have started our health topic of Body Sciences.  Today we talked about puberty in general and what changes happen to boys, girls and both.  There was not a hand out for this class but you may start getting more questions at home.  In the classroom we also have an anonymous question box where students can ask their questions.  I will address any relevant questions during a later health period.

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