Monday, 18 September 2017

Happy Monday to everyone!  Coming home tonight you should find, as always, an agenda of the week's due dates (thank you so much to all of the parents that sign this each evening), a purple pizza order form and the first homework assignment (math weekly #1).

Important dates to take note of this week:
Tues: the next time to hand in magazine orders (not completed online) is tomorrow

Wednesday: we will have our first fire drill of the year and also we will be getting a garden tour from Mr. Christian Wright

Thurs:  the first reading records are due.  These reading reflections go towards showing comprehension of student choice books. In class we've discussed that specific and detailed answers help to show greater understanding.  Thanks to all of the parents that have already seen and discussed this assignment with their child.

Fri: noon dismissal.  Math weekly #1 is due (but it can be handed in earlier once finished)

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