Wednesday, 4 October 2017

We have started 2 new practice sites at school this week.  One is an app that our class is doing a trial of called Fluency Tutor.  It helps students to gain confidence reading out loud and they can record their readings for me to hear and give feedback on.  The other is called Study Ladder and this is a site that students can access from home as well.  By going to assigned tasks students access things I have assigned to them (currently just reading comprehension), but they can also choose practice in other subjects as well.  Whatever work they are completing I have access to see how they are doing.  Login information and passwords were handed out today.  Many students chose to attach them to their agenda so that they have access at school and home.

Also - just a final reminder that this week's homework, math weekly #2 is dues by Friday at the latests.


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