Friday, 3 November 2017

Thank you to everyone that made the effort to stop by and support your child in their learning and goal setting the last few days.  It was great to have a chance to talk with each of you and to celebrate all of the wonderful things that your children are achieving!

Just a quick note that I will be away next week.  Expert teacher Ms. Margie Seto will be in the classroom and can be contacted through the office or by a note in agendas.

For next week (Nov. 6-8)
Monday - please return portfolios once you have had a chance for your child to show you through them and explain the work that they have been doing so far.  
Tuesday - Novel Reviews are due (there will be a final classroom period Monday to work on these as well)
Wednesday - Remembrance day ceremony from 9:30 - 10:30.  Poppies will be available for students, if possible, please send some change as a donation.

Also - because of this very short, three day school week, there will be no homework assignments this week. The next spelling and reading records will be handed out Nov.13th.   Try to get out and enjoy the snow instead! :)

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