Monday, 24 September 2018

What an exciting week we have ahead of us! There are many things happening, as well as some work that we are completing to be turned in.  Please take a look:

Monday: After learning about the symbols and their meaning in the Alberta provincial flag students  have almost finished creating  their own flags filled with symbols that reflect what is important to them.  These will be due Wednesday.  Please ask your child what they have included in their flag.

Tuesday: 1:00 departure for our tour of the Exshaw landfill.

Wednesday: 9:00 departure for our walking tour of the Canmore waste management site.
 *** I would still really like one more parent to join us to help us to make this tour and our time out in the community successful for everyone.  Please let me know if that could be you!***

  • Reading records and Social studies flags are due
Friday:  Terry Fox run at 1:00.  Please send your child with a "twoonie for Terry" to support the Terry Fox foundation
  • Math weekly #1 due

Monday, 17 September 2018

Monday updates:

* I'm still looking for a couple more parent volunteers (with criminal record checks) to walk with us from the school to the Canmore Waste Management site for our tour next Wednesday the 26th from (9:00 until about 10:30).  Please send me an email if you can join us!
Thanks to my one volunteer so far :)

This week we are starting our classroom routines.  Every week there will be one short homework assignment.  It is due Friday morning.  This week it is Spelling and there is a short brain assignment that goes with it.  The spelling duotang has a page to do the work right in it behind the pretest number 1 that we did today.  If this is new to you and your family, please take a look tonight and please me know if you have any questions.

Monday:  please send gloves for picking up garbage tomorrow while we look for natural and man made waste items.

Friday: (half day) Spelling assignment #1 due, and ready for this week's spelling test.   

  • Milk orders due

Friday, 14 September 2018

An update for you from our fabulous Right from the Start star!

Dear Parents: 
These last two weeks Right from the Start's Deren Alward visited all classes at ERS to introduce himself to the students and let them know that he is around to help with issues that concern them and their classmates.   He introduced the older grades 6,7,and 8 to Comfy Chats with Mr D, where he enters the classroom with his comfy bean bag chairs and has an open dialogue about about relevant topics the kids have brought up and want to talk about.  The purpose of this is to have  an additional outlet where students voices are being heard and acted upon. The younger grades (4 and 5) will be having classes that will be also of personal interest, including Bucket Filling, How to Stand Up,  and Self Confidence.  
The overall intent of these visits is to promote positive mental health. Here is a link to the RFTS newsletter for September:
If you have an interest or concern that you believe is relevant to your child or the students in general at the LGMS,  you are always welcome to reach out. 

Deren Alward
Wellness Mentor / Success Coach
"Right from 
the Start":
Mental Health Capacity Building for Children and Families
Canadian Rockies Public Schools

Check out our Facebook page for programming updates at:

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

I know that there are so many forms this time of year, in fact tonight you should be getting a school milk form, as well as our magazine fundraiser package.  I know it's hard to keep up with all of them, so this time I'm just going to post this information on the blog.  You can save this email to look at later, or search the blog to find it again. 

Attached are:

  • 1 introduction letter about myself and our class this year  (I'll have hard copies available tomorrow evening too)
  • 2 parent overview pages that explain the main objectives and topics for the grade 4 and 5 curriculum.  If you have a chance to read them before our open house tomorrow, I'm happy to answer any questions.  If not, I'm always available later too :)

Monday, 10 September 2018

Welcome to our first full week of school!  We had a great start last week and I'm looking forward to continuing :)

There will normally be one small homework assignment each week, but as we continue to develop our relationships and expectations in the classroom this week, we'll have one more week off before beginning our normal weekly routines.

Some important dates this week:

  • Wednesday - we are having our magazine fundraiser assembly.  Expect to see information and order forms coming home that night.
  • Thursday -  LGMS Open house from 6:30-7:30.  Please stop by with your child to get a chance to see our classroom, find out about the expectations this year and to ask any questions that you may have!

Finally - it's already field trip time at our school!  Just like at ERS, parent volunteers need to have a criminal record check completed and on file at the school.  These are good for one year from the date you receive it from the RCMP.  (so for some of our grade 5 parents, this means that the ones you got in June of last year are still good until partway through this year).  The check itself is free, but takes a few days.  The forms can be picked up at our office.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities:
Exshaw landfill (tour by bus)  - Sept. 25th in the afternoon
Canmore waste management center (a couple of parents needed please) - 9:00 Sept.26

Please email me if you are interested in joining us, and let me know if you have a record check on file already.

Thank you!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Image result for lawrence grassi middle school

What a great start this year is off to! 

I want to thank each of you as parents for helping your child to make the transition back to being a full time learner, and for taking the time to help us to have the up to date forms and information that we need here at the school. 

Also - for those new to LGMS, or maybe just as a reminder, here is the link to our student policy handbook.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

As we're nearing the end of our first week - we've been working on peer interviews to help us build connections and understanding. 

Paired with that activity each student has been making their own unique caricature to help showcase what makes them unique.  Take a look at what is starting to come together at the back of our classroom, as well as my example so we can also build connections :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Friday, 31 August 2018

Image result for welcome back to school clipart

School starts again Tuesday morning!  I hope you have all had a wonderful summer (in spite of the smoke) and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with many of you next week, and welcoming some new families into our classroom too. 

This time of year is always so exciting!  CRPS teachers and staff have been back at it this week getting everything ready for the start of another fabulous year. We did so much learning ourselves during our Google Summit this passed Tuesday and Wednesday.  A few new technology tools that I took away from my time was a greater understanding of Read & Write Google, an enthusiasm for Google Classroom which should make sharing assignments even easier, and a new game making tool called Pear Deck that is super engaging.

Our classroom is ready, and now all we need is you and your child to make it complete!  Welcome back!  Let's have an amazing year together!

* I have gone through and edited out the subscription list but if your child has moved on to a new adventure, then I wish you all the best and please follow the link at the bottom of this page to end your subscription*

Monday, 18 June 2018

Week of: June 18-22

First - I hope that all of you wonderful father's out there that do so much to support and love your children felt that love returned tenfold on Sunday!  I was out hiking myself and saw a lot of father's day family hikes happening along the trail :)

* If you haven't already done so, please return the year end swim consents to me right away*
- Social - data sheet assignment is tomorrow and needs to be ready to present in front of the class.  You can help out at home by being an audience for your child to practice their presentation tonight.

- Social - data sheet assignment is due
-Car building in the afternoon.  If you have a criminal record check complete, and you'd like to join us, please send me an email!

- all swim forms are due returned

 - final night to study for the math final

- Year end math final in the morning.  The format and length will be the same as on the practice final that was sent home a couple of weeks ago. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Finally - wondering about what you can do at home to keep up math skills over the summer Here's a great article about exactly that.  Further down there are even a few bullet points of specific things you can do at home.  A big part of math is knowing the basics and feeling confident, building math into daily life sure helps!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

What to see more of what your child is working on right now?  We have done a few online assignments recently that students can show you from their drive at home.  Including these two assignments that have been marked and returned online instead of being printed 1- Social Studies research: Shaping an Identity, 2- Science assignment Wetlands websearch.

Important things coming home tonight
- Swim permission forms.  Please return ASAP
- Summer library program information
- Grade 5 families only: The second set of health pages- parts of the male anatomy.

Car building
- electric car building is well on our way in class.  If you are interested in helping out (especially if you have a glue gun) please let me know if you can join us Tuesday, June 19th at 2:00.
 *Please remember that a current criminal record check on file at the school is needed for any volunteering*

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

In case you are able to drop by the school to see some of the track and field events - here is a copy of the schedule.  We'd love to see you here helping to cheer on our athletes!  Each student has their own copy, highlighted with their 6 choices.  They are also encouraged to write their schedule on their arm to keep it handy throughout the afternoon. 

Students should have appropriate clothing, a labelled water bottle and a bag with their lunch, snacks and clothing layers with them.  Though the school doors will be open everyone is expected to remain outside other than for bathroom breaks.

Track Event
Hurdles (short -  
100m heats starting with gr 4 girls
300m timed final  grade 4 girls first
100m final gr 4 girls first
600m gr 4 girls first
4x100m relay grade 4 girls first
4x300m relay grade 4 girls first

Gr 4 girls
Gr. 5 girls
Gr. 6 girls
Gr 4 boys
Gr 5 boys
Gr 6 boys
Long jump
Ski pole
High jump
High jump
Long jump
Ski pole
High jump
Long jump
Ski pole
High jump
Long jump
Ski pole
High jump
Long jump
Ski pole
Ski pole
High jump
Long jump

Monday, 11 June 2018

June 11- 15
Please help us to welcome Sigfrid! 
 Sigfrid will be joining our class until the end of the year as an exchange student from Spain.

- LA assignment "Edit and Improve" is due tomorrow
- please continue studying and practicing at home for our year end math final exam coming up  on Friday, June 22nd

Tuesday -  Edit and Improve due (this assignment takes a dull paragraph and students are responsible for adding details and description to help it shine)

Wednesday - Grade 4-6 track and field  11:00 - 3:00

Thursday - bake sale fundraiser.

- Final Spelling test of the school year.  This week's assignment is up to students.  They can choose from the 8 available choices
- Final day for school library books.  All books should be returned please.
- Half day Friday

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

It's June and we are nearing the end of the year.  

As students move up in grade levels year end exams become an expectation.  In our 4/5 class I want to encourage study behaviours, and developing those skills that will help to manage the stress that can come with final exams, by starting small.  

We have had a few unit tests this year.  In the classroom I provide classroom study time, and time to ask questions.  I also give students study guides or notes to help organize the most important parts. These notes, along with practice exams are meant to help guide home study.  I know many of you wonderful parents spend time supporting your child as they reinforce their skills and develop good study habits too.  Thank you for the time that you put in at home!!  

This year we will have only one final exam in math.  It will take place on Friday June 22nd. Today everyone in our class was given a copy of their practice test.  This helps them to preview the types and number of questions.  It also helps them (and you) to know areas that more practice are needed before the exam.

Please take some time to look over it tonight with your child, and to create a study plan with them.  Your support while they are learning to develop their own study skills is so very instrumental both in helping them to manage any stress, and also to help them to feel confident going into the exam.

* If your child will not be in class on the 22nd, it is very important to set up an alternate, earlier date, with me for them to complete it*

Week of June 5th - Due dates for this week

- Social online research "shaping an identity" is due
- Reading record is due

- Math weekly #14 due
- Final book orders of the year are due so that they are guaranteed to arrive by the summer.  It's a great time to stock up on some summer reading :)

Also - coming up next Wednesday, June 13th.  Grade 4-6 track and field day!  Student sign up for events will be happening soon.  Let's all hope for a beautiful sunny day.

Monday, 28 May 2018

May 28 - June 1

After a couple of short and busy weeks we are back into our usual routine this week with homework assignments.  Spelling and assignment #4 are due Friday first thingNew reading records (due next Wednesday) have also been handed out.

Grade 5s - Math quiz this coming Friday.  Please use the practice test handed out today to help focus studying.

Monday:  Please keep collecting car building supplies this week.  Once everything is together in a show box or small reusable bag, please send it in.  We'll be beginning to work on these early next week.

Tuesday: Online assignment- Wetland Expert is due. 

Thursday: Reader's Theater presentation due today.

Friday: Half day. 

  • Spelling and assignment #4 due.  
  • Grade 5s - Math Shape and Space test

Friday, 25 May 2018

Image result for grade five science electric car diagram

Electric car building will be starting soon. 
Please start collecting supplies at home to build the body, axles and wheels.  Keep these supplies in a labeled shoe box or small reusable bag (like a Lululemon bag, not a grocery bag size).

Items to collect: at least 2 AA batteries, cardboard or other material for a base, straws and wood skewers for the axles, milk lids or other round lids for wheels.  
The kit (paid for in school fees) contains a battery holder, pulley, motor and motor clip. 

Once supplies have been rounded up and collected they can come to school any time next week.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What a wonderful day in the wetlands!  Thank you to all of our lovely parent volunteers, as well as to everyone that helped to pack bags and backpacks so your child had everything that they needed!

I'm trying something new and I'm not sure how it will work with the emails from the blog.  If the picture slideshow won't run, follow this link to just the slideshow of pictures to look through them yourself, or this link directly to the blog.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What a fabulous long weekend we had this year!  I hope that you all had a chance to get out and enjoy it :)

This week it is once again a short, and busy, week so there will be one more week off from homework.

*The biggest thing to note is that we will be away all day at the wetlands tomorrow.  We will be leaving right after attendance so everyone needs to arrive promptly with all of their items in their backpack for the day. 

Students have a checklist in their agendas tonight of necessary items, as well as optional things.  Please be aware that we will be outside all day (there is no shelter besides the trees) and there is no running water so please make sure that you send enough to drink for a full day outside in the sun.

Electronic devices are not recommended - wetlands and the woods are not a great place for a phone, so if it comes please make sure that it is safely stowed in the backpack.

* One final thing - pizza day is scheduled for tomorrow but since delivery isn't included it has been changed for our class to Thursday.

                                               Image result for wetlands clipart

Monday, 14 May 2018

I hope all of you enjoyed the wonderful weather for our Mother's Day weekend. 

Your kids worked very hard the last few weeks to create your gifts.  If you are interested in some of the steps that we took along with way please follow the link to see pictures and even a short video. 

Also a big shout out to my dad who volunteered an afternoon to cut all of the wood for the bases of our project, as well as another thanks to all of the other great dads out there that helped their kids to collect the supplies we needed!

For this short week we are taking a holiday from homework.  There will be no weekly assignment, or reading record to complete. Please enjoy the sunshine instead and remember that this Friday is a full professional development day so students are off.  Enjoy the four day weekend.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

We are looking into Canada's history: The fur trade and Les Coureur des bois.  Here are some links to good information to use in the class or at home.

Prezi Link (fur trade)

Monday, 7 May 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope that you've all been enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time outside like I have :)

Here are the important things to keep track of this week:

Tuesday - hammers and small nails (about 15) if possible are needed.  We'll be completing our project later this week and all supplies will be returned to you by the weekend.

Wednesday - Reading records are due  (signed by parents please)

Friday - Math weekly #13 is due. 
Also, this Friday is a full student day in exchange for the full day off that students get May 18th while teachers have a full day of professional development.

Just 2 things to note and keep track of in the back of your mind:

1 - the electric car sets have been delivered and towards the end of the month we'll start building.  Students will also need 2 double A batteries, something for their car base, some wheels (milk jug lids are a good size) and assorted other things that they may like for building.

2 - May 23rd we will be going out to Middle Lake for our Wonderful Wetlands Field Trip!  This is a full day event and we need at least 5 volunteers to join us and help to work with a small student group.  Please let me know if you are interested, need more information, or can definitely join us. 

Monday, 30 April 2018

Week of April 30-May 4

* We will be doing a light building project in class and we are very much in need of any sandpaper that you can send in by Wednesday to help us out.  Small nails (like finishing or similar) as well as hammers will also be needed next week*

Monday - new reading records have been handed out and are due back next Wednesday, May 9th

Tuesday - all final book talk presentation to be completed.  If you haven't heard your child's book talk yet, please have them practice it for you :)

Wednesday - Hats on for Mental Health Day


Friday - Spelling practice assignment #4 is due completed.  Spelling test in the morning.  T

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Building complete circuits Tuesday in Science. 
1- Can you first make the light turn on?
2- Can you make more than one light turn on at the same time?
3- Can you find a way to build your circuit so that each bulbs glows equally brightly?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Week of April 23 - 27

A new reading record will be going home later this week but during class reading for now students are encouraged to try a different genre of book (like a non-fiction) or to buddy read since they are not responsible to complete an individual reading record.

Book talks  (script and presentations) are due by Friday.  This is the second time this year that we have done this project.  Checklists and rubrics were handed out early last week.  Help at home to practice the presentations and be sure all parts (from the checklist) are included is much appreciated!

Grade 5 - final needles

1:00 - Electric car presentation.  Lots of fabulous tips and ideas for when we built our electric cars next month will be shared during this presentation brought to us by George Pactirik from Science is...


  • Math weekly #12 due
  • Book talks due (ready to be presented in front of the class)
  • Grade 5s- chocolate orders to support our music program are due
  • Period 4: Guest speaker to present on The Stoney Way of Life

Since spring break we have had a number of conversations about start times in our classroom.  There are a few students arriving consistently late each day.  This impacts everyone in our classroom and has also been causing difficulties for our specialist teachers because I can't accurately take attendance and send students to their first class until everyone trickles in. 

Could you have a short discussion at home about this?  Ask your child to reflect on if they are making it to class, prepared with all of their supplies, each morning.  Are they making it to the next class in an amount of time that is appropriate for this transition?

The doors open to come into the hallway and rooms at 8:30.
Classes start at 8:45 each morning with announcements.  Everyone should be in their class by that time at the latest. The classroom door will be closed at that time as well.

Thank you for your support with this at home as well!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Did you know that electricity and magnetism are related?  You can use electricity from a D cell battery to create a magnetic field around a simple nail!  Voila!  An electromagnet.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Week of April 16-20

There's lots of busy and great things happening in class this week :)

- new spelling lists (#11) have been handed out to study.  As well as studying, this week's homework assignment is spelling assignment #3 is due Friday morning.

 Math review quiz.  This quiz will be the same length and type of questions as on the study quiz sent home the beginning of last week.  These skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are key concepts for continuing to grow in math each year.
- ZAP interactive presentation about electrical safety @1:00

-Novel study questions for chapters 1-6 are due
- Novel study assignments are due.  Grade 4: Cause and effect.  Grade 5: Characterization

- Reading Records are due.  Please sign these if you have had a chance to look at the completeness of your child's answers.  How much detail, as well as how specific their answers are, help to show greater understanding of the novels they are choosing to read.

- Spelling test and homework are due
- Flashlight Friday!  Our windows have some new coverings to add a little more darkness to our classroom and we're going to try again for another Flashlight Friday.  Students are invited to bring either a pillow or blanket to make a cozy reading nest, along with their own flashlight, for a period of sustained reading.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A few quick notes and reminders:

If it hasn't made it back to school yet, please send portfolios back in so that we can continue to fill them with the rest of our learning this year.

Also - for French class students need to collect the clothes from home that they will need to do their fashion shows next Tuesday.

Tomorrow afternoon we will also have a school wide lock down practice.  We have talked about this and practiced it together in the classroom this week.  If this conversation comes up at home please help to assure your child that, just like fire drills, these practices are just to help us be prepared :)   If you have any questions yourself, please let me know.

Finally - I know a lot of you are just as involved in studying as your child at this grade level.  Thank you for all of the help and support while your child reviews adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to be prepared for their review quiz next Tuesday.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Welcome back from what I hope was a restful and fun filled spring break! 

This week:

Monday - 
Handed out today is a practice quiz for math (review of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing).  This is to help with studying at home but should not be the only questions practiced to be ready.  A few questions of practice each day would be great studying!  The quiz will be next Tuesday.

Tuesday - 
new reading records will be handed out (due back next Thursday)

Wednesday - 
Electrical safety quiz: this short quiz deals with how to be safe when handling electricity. This needs to be completed by all students before they move forward to using electricity in our labs.  We have watched videos and discussed what makes the things happening in a picture unsafe.  Preparation for this quiz will be mainly done in the classroom. Questions that could be found on this quiz will be basic things like

  • Is it safe to use electrical appliances around water?
  • Should you use electrical tape or masking take to hold wires to a battery?
  • What could happen if you put something metal into an electrical plug?
Thursday - 
Nothing due - but keep reviewing to be ready for the math quiz next week

Friday - 
Math weekly #11 due

Friday, 23 March 2018

Image result for spring clipart

Have a happy spring break.  Safe travels to everyone that plan to get away as well!

Thanks very much to all the parents and students that made it in for our meetings.  I hope that you enjoy looking through your child's portfolio with them and exploring the learning and growing that they have been doing! Once you have had a chance to explore everything, please tuck this important binder back into their backpack for safe keeping and return it to school as soon as possible. 
I'll see everyone back here Monday, April 9th.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday, March 19.

Spring break starts for students this Thursday.  Because of our shortened and busy week there will be no weekly homework assignment.

Tuesday: Reading Records are due completed.  Science fair is taking place in the gym.

Wednesday: Parent-teacher-student interviews from 5:00-8:00.  Please respect everyone's time by arriving promptly and being mindful of the next appointment.  Taking your child's portfolio home after interviews to spend more time going through it is encouraged :)

Thursday: Last student day this week.  Happy spring break.  Classes return April 9th.
                   Parent-teacher-student interviews from 4:00-7:00

Friday:  No school for students. Parent-teacher-student interviews from 8:30-12:00

Monday, 12 March 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine the last few days :)

I received an email Friday afternoon that our latest book orders have shipped so those should be arriving the end of this week or early next week.

Monday: students have a new reading record (to be completed by next Tuesday)  and they are doing spelling list #10

Tuesday: tomorrow is Smoothie day for our class.  Our foods students will be treating everyone to a small homemade smoothie.  Yum yum!

Friday:  Spelling test for list #10, assignment #1 on the list to be handed in at that time.
               Social - final tribes research to be completed.

* Coming next week Parent-student-teacher interviews:  Wednesday and Thursday evening as well as Friday morning.  By now you have already received confirmation of your time.  If for some reason you aren't able to make your booked appointment time, please let me know.  Thanks!  *

Friday, 9 March 2018

We are looking for some volunteers at the library.  If you are interested and can help out during the school book fair, please read and follow the instructions below.

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!
Hello everyone,
Our Scholastic Festival du Livre is coming soon. 
March 21 & 22, 2018
This is a wonderful way to add to your french (and some english) home library as well as our schools. We can not do this without you. Please help by volunteering your time to make this a success.
Volunteer opportunities for "LGMS Scholastic Festival du Livre" are now open.
Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:
To sign up just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.
Thank you for volunteering!

Alanna McLeod
LGMS Library Tech

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Just a quick reminder that we completed our final Chemistry lab today about CO2.  All groups had time after that to also complete their study notes to help them study from home.  Here are the links again to all four group's study notes.  You can see and use any of these to assist with studying at home :)

Study Notes (4 copies)

Chemistry unit test is Friday.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Happy Monday!

This week in the evenings students should be preparing for and studying for their Chemistry unit test this Friday.  This test will include some vocabulary definitions, some multiple choice questions and some long answer questions.  Some questions will be basic fact questions, while other will look for students to show their understanding of our science concepts.  To use what they know to answer new questions.  Ex: don't just know know what surface tension means, but explain how it can be used by something like a water strider to hold itself up.

Wednesday - By Wednesday students should have completed their second aboriginal tribe research.  This can be worked on from home using the links on the Social page of the blog to collect information in the questions booklet.

Thursday: Reading Records are due

Friday: Math weekly #10 is due, Chemistry Unit test

* Book orders are also coming home tonight.  To ensure that books arrive before spring break I'm asking that they are returned by this Thursday.  Also - the online ordering system is even easier for parents now, you don't need to send the form back to me but I still appreciate a note or email to know to look for your order online :)   *

Friday, 2 March 2018

As we are learning about traditions of our first nation people we have been exploring some of their wonderful contributions to art.  After learning about the legend and idea behind dream catchers today we began building our own.  The results are already looking beautiful!  Make sure to ask your child how theirs is turning out.   Thanks also to Ms. Wilson that joined us to help out with the difficult center webs :)