Tuesday, 16 January 2018

4/5 D feed back for health day:

Grace: I liked the drumming and the part when you listened to the sound of the drumming
Beni: the running was really fun!
Marlo: it was really fun because my friend and I had a race
Matt: It was great weather for the trail running
Hayden: I enjoyed how we partnered up and did activities for crossfit
Fiona: seeing the pig lungs (to show effects of smoking) was kinds gross
Emma and Remi: when we learned about smoking and what's in it it was pretty shocking!
Isabelle: it's crazy how much chemicals they put into cigarettes (there are 7000!)
Easton: I liked how intense the Crossfit was
Addi: I liked how the Crossfit was challenging
Manuel: I was surprised that cigarettes have a product from hairspray in it!
Emma - I liked how with the drumming we are all working together to make the sound

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