Thursday, 11 January 2018

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Spelling assignment #6 is due. 
There have been a few students chronically "forgetting" to bring their duotangs with their assignments done on Friday mornings so if possible, please give a gentle reminder tonight.

Students have also started writing scripts for a book talk presentation next Thursday.  If you'd like to see what information is needed in this script please follow the book talk link.  Students can choose to present live in front of the class, or video themselves to be played on the TV.  (Videos need to be in Google drive ahead of time, in the correct folder.  Each student has a folder called 4/5 Their Name, then it needs to go in their LA inside there.    Ex: 4/5 Blackwell - LA)

Finally - thank you all so much for helping to get gymnastics forms returned so quickly.  We start Monday morning, first thing :) 

Also next week on Tuesday our grade fours and fives will be participating in a health day with three morning session related to body image, drumming and healthy choices surrounding tobacco.  Plus a choice of three physical activities after lunch (yoga, trail running and crossfit).  If you are available and interested in helping out, please let me know :)

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