Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Report cards will be ready for you to see, online through parent portal, on Jan.31. 

In class we have been working to finish up a last few projects towards our first term report cards.  Now that everything is completed and up to date I plan to add everything to Student Portfolios tomorrow.

Expect to see your child's portfolio coming home to you tomorrow (Wednesday).  Please take the time to look through this with your child.  Ask questions about their learning and celebrate their achievements :)  These portfolios contain the "for marks" pages and evidence towards their learning that you will see reflected in report card marks.  Consider them a sneak peek, but unlike a report card they also include the assignment and any comments that relate. 

Once you have had a chance to go through the portfolio, please return it to the classroom (by Monday at the latest) as we will continue to document our learning and growth in them all year.  And don't forget, these binders are always available in the classroom.  Stop by or send me a note if you'd like to see it at home at any point this year.

As always - thank you for all that you do to encourage and support your
 child in their learning journey!

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