Monday, 5 March 2018

Happy Monday!

This week in the evenings students should be preparing for and studying for their Chemistry unit test this Friday.  This test will include some vocabulary definitions, some multiple choice questions and some long answer questions.  Some questions will be basic fact questions, while other will look for students to show their understanding of our science concepts.  To use what they know to answer new questions.  Ex: don't just know know what surface tension means, but explain how it can be used by something like a water strider to hold itself up.

Wednesday - By Wednesday students should have completed their second aboriginal tribe research.  This can be worked on from home using the links on the Social page of the blog to collect information in the questions booklet.

Thursday: Reading Records are due

Friday: Math weekly #10 is due, Chemistry Unit test

* Book orders are also coming home tonight.  To ensure that books arrive before spring break I'm asking that they are returned by this Thursday.  Also - the online ordering system is even easier for parents now, you don't need to send the form back to me but I still appreciate a note or email to know to look for your order online :)   *

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