Monday, 30 April 2018

Week of April 30-May 4

* We will be doing a light building project in class and we are very much in need of any sandpaper that you can send in by Wednesday to help us out.  Small nails (like finishing or similar) as well as hammers will also be needed next week*

Monday - new reading records have been handed out and are due back next Wednesday, May 9th

Tuesday - all final book talk presentation to be completed.  If you haven't heard your child's book talk yet, please have them practice it for you :)

Wednesday - Hats on for Mental Health Day


Friday - Spelling practice assignment #4 is due completed.  Spelling test in the morning.  T

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Building complete circuits Tuesday in Science. 
1- Can you first make the light turn on?
2- Can you make more than one light turn on at the same time?
3- Can you find a way to build your circuit so that each bulbs glows equally brightly?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Week of April 23 - 27

A new reading record will be going home later this week but during class reading for now students are encouraged to try a different genre of book (like a non-fiction) or to buddy read since they are not responsible to complete an individual reading record.

Book talks  (script and presentations) are due by Friday.  This is the second time this year that we have done this project.  Checklists and rubrics were handed out early last week.  Help at home to practice the presentations and be sure all parts (from the checklist) are included is much appreciated!

Grade 5 - final needles

1:00 - Electric car presentation.  Lots of fabulous tips and ideas for when we built our electric cars next month will be shared during this presentation brought to us by George Pactirik from Science is...


  • Math weekly #12 due
  • Book talks due (ready to be presented in front of the class)
  • Grade 5s- chocolate orders to support our music program are due
  • Period 4: Guest speaker to present on The Stoney Way of Life

Since spring break we have had a number of conversations about start times in our classroom.  There are a few students arriving consistently late each day.  This impacts everyone in our classroom and has also been causing difficulties for our specialist teachers because I can't accurately take attendance and send students to their first class until everyone trickles in. 

Could you have a short discussion at home about this?  Ask your child to reflect on if they are making it to class, prepared with all of their supplies, each morning.  Are they making it to the next class in an amount of time that is appropriate for this transition?

The doors open to come into the hallway and rooms at 8:30.
Classes start at 8:45 each morning with announcements.  Everyone should be in their class by that time at the latest. The classroom door will be closed at that time as well.

Thank you for your support with this at home as well!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Did you know that electricity and magnetism are related?  You can use electricity from a D cell battery to create a magnetic field around a simple nail!  Voila!  An electromagnet.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Week of April 16-20

There's lots of busy and great things happening in class this week :)

- new spelling lists (#11) have been handed out to study.  As well as studying, this week's homework assignment is spelling assignment #3 is due Friday morning.

 Math review quiz.  This quiz will be the same length and type of questions as on the study quiz sent home the beginning of last week.  These skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are key concepts for continuing to grow in math each year.
- ZAP interactive presentation about electrical safety @1:00

-Novel study questions for chapters 1-6 are due
- Novel study assignments are due.  Grade 4: Cause and effect.  Grade 5: Characterization

- Reading Records are due.  Please sign these if you have had a chance to look at the completeness of your child's answers.  How much detail, as well as how specific their answers are, help to show greater understanding of the novels they are choosing to read.

- Spelling test and homework are due
- Flashlight Friday!  Our windows have some new coverings to add a little more darkness to our classroom and we're going to try again for another Flashlight Friday.  Students are invited to bring either a pillow or blanket to make a cozy reading nest, along with their own flashlight, for a period of sustained reading.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A few quick notes and reminders:

If it hasn't made it back to school yet, please send portfolios back in so that we can continue to fill them with the rest of our learning this year.

Also - for French class students need to collect the clothes from home that they will need to do their fashion shows next Tuesday.

Tomorrow afternoon we will also have a school wide lock down practice.  We have talked about this and practiced it together in the classroom this week.  If this conversation comes up at home please help to assure your child that, just like fire drills, these practices are just to help us be prepared :)   If you have any questions yourself, please let me know.

Finally - I know a lot of you are just as involved in studying as your child at this grade level.  Thank you for all of the help and support while your child reviews adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to be prepared for their review quiz next Tuesday.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Welcome back from what I hope was a restful and fun filled spring break! 

This week:

Monday - 
Handed out today is a practice quiz for math (review of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing).  This is to help with studying at home but should not be the only questions practiced to be ready.  A few questions of practice each day would be great studying!  The quiz will be next Tuesday.

Tuesday - 
new reading records will be handed out (due back next Thursday)

Wednesday - 
Electrical safety quiz: this short quiz deals with how to be safe when handling electricity. This needs to be completed by all students before they move forward to using electricity in our labs.  We have watched videos and discussed what makes the things happening in a picture unsafe.  Preparation for this quiz will be mainly done in the classroom. Questions that could be found on this quiz will be basic things like

  • Is it safe to use electrical appliances around water?
  • Should you use electrical tape or masking take to hold wires to a battery?
  • What could happen if you put something metal into an electrical plug?
Thursday - 
Nothing due - but keep reviewing to be ready for the math quiz next week

Friday - 
Math weekly #11 due