Monday, 23 April 2018

Since spring break we have had a number of conversations about start times in our classroom.  There are a few students arriving consistently late each day.  This impacts everyone in our classroom and has also been causing difficulties for our specialist teachers because I can't accurately take attendance and send students to their first class until everyone trickles in. 

Could you have a short discussion at home about this?  Ask your child to reflect on if they are making it to class, prepared with all of their supplies, each morning.  Are they making it to the next class in an amount of time that is appropriate for this transition?

The doors open to come into the hallway and rooms at 8:30.
Classes start at 8:45 each morning with announcements.  Everyone should be in their class by that time at the latest. The classroom door will be closed at that time as well.

Thank you for your support with this at home as well!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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