Monday, 28 May 2018

May 28 - June 1

After a couple of short and busy weeks we are back into our usual routine this week with homework assignments.  Spelling and assignment #4 are due Friday first thingNew reading records (due next Wednesday) have also been handed out.

Grade 5s - Math quiz this coming Friday.  Please use the practice test handed out today to help focus studying.

Monday:  Please keep collecting car building supplies this week.  Once everything is together in a show box or small reusable bag, please send it in.  We'll be beginning to work on these early next week.

Tuesday: Online assignment- Wetland Expert is due. 

Thursday: Reader's Theater presentation due today.

Friday: Half day. 

  • Spelling and assignment #4 due.  
  • Grade 5s - Math Shape and Space test

Friday, 25 May 2018

Image result for grade five science electric car diagram

Electric car building will be starting soon. 
Please start collecting supplies at home to build the body, axles and wheels.  Keep these supplies in a labeled shoe box or small reusable bag (like a Lululemon bag, not a grocery bag size).

Items to collect: at least 2 AA batteries, cardboard or other material for a base, straws and wood skewers for the axles, milk lids or other round lids for wheels.  
The kit (paid for in school fees) contains a battery holder, pulley, motor and motor clip. 

Once supplies have been rounded up and collected they can come to school any time next week.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What a wonderful day in the wetlands!  Thank you to all of our lovely parent volunteers, as well as to everyone that helped to pack bags and backpacks so your child had everything that they needed!

I'm trying something new and I'm not sure how it will work with the emails from the blog.  If the picture slideshow won't run, follow this link to just the slideshow of pictures to look through them yourself, or this link directly to the blog.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What a fabulous long weekend we had this year!  I hope that you all had a chance to get out and enjoy it :)

This week it is once again a short, and busy, week so there will be one more week off from homework.

*The biggest thing to note is that we will be away all day at the wetlands tomorrow.  We will be leaving right after attendance so everyone needs to arrive promptly with all of their items in their backpack for the day. 

Students have a checklist in their agendas tonight of necessary items, as well as optional things.  Please be aware that we will be outside all day (there is no shelter besides the trees) and there is no running water so please make sure that you send enough to drink for a full day outside in the sun.

Electronic devices are not recommended - wetlands and the woods are not a great place for a phone, so if it comes please make sure that it is safely stowed in the backpack.

* One final thing - pizza day is scheduled for tomorrow but since delivery isn't included it has been changed for our class to Thursday.

                                               Image result for wetlands clipart

Monday, 14 May 2018

I hope all of you enjoyed the wonderful weather for our Mother's Day weekend. 

Your kids worked very hard the last few weeks to create your gifts.  If you are interested in some of the steps that we took along with way please follow the link to see pictures and even a short video. 

Also a big shout out to my dad who volunteered an afternoon to cut all of the wood for the bases of our project, as well as another thanks to all of the other great dads out there that helped their kids to collect the supplies we needed!

For this short week we are taking a holiday from homework.  There will be no weekly assignment, or reading record to complete. Please enjoy the sunshine instead and remember that this Friday is a full professional development day so students are off.  Enjoy the four day weekend.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

We are looking into Canada's history: The fur trade and Les Coureur des bois.  Here are some links to good information to use in the class or at home.

Prezi Link (fur trade)

Monday, 7 May 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope that you've all been enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time outside like I have :)

Here are the important things to keep track of this week:

Tuesday - hammers and small nails (about 15) if possible are needed.  We'll be completing our project later this week and all supplies will be returned to you by the weekend.

Wednesday - Reading records are due  (signed by parents please)

Friday - Math weekly #13 is due. 
Also, this Friday is a full student day in exchange for the full day off that students get May 18th while teachers have a full day of professional development.

Just 2 things to note and keep track of in the back of your mind:

1 - the electric car sets have been delivered and towards the end of the month we'll start building.  Students will also need 2 double A batteries, something for their car base, some wheels (milk jug lids are a good size) and assorted other things that they may like for building.

2 - May 23rd we will be going out to Middle Lake for our Wonderful Wetlands Field Trip!  This is a full day event and we need at least 5 volunteers to join us and help to work with a small student group.  Please let me know if you are interested, need more information, or can definitely join us.