Monday, 7 May 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope that you've all been enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time outside like I have :)

Here are the important things to keep track of this week:

Tuesday - hammers and small nails (about 15) if possible are needed.  We'll be completing our project later this week and all supplies will be returned to you by the weekend.

Wednesday - Reading records are due  (signed by parents please)

Friday - Math weekly #13 is due. 
Also, this Friday is a full student day in exchange for the full day off that students get May 18th while teachers have a full day of professional development.

Just 2 things to note and keep track of in the back of your mind:

1 - the electric car sets have been delivered and towards the end of the month we'll start building.  Students will also need 2 double A batteries, something for their car base, some wheels (milk jug lids are a good size) and assorted other things that they may like for building.

2 - May 23rd we will be going out to Middle Lake for our Wonderful Wetlands Field Trip!  This is a full day event and we need at least 5 volunteers to join us and help to work with a small student group.  Please let me know if you are interested, need more information, or can definitely join us. 

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