Tuesday, 5 June 2018

It's June and we are nearing the end of the year.  

As students move up in grade levels year end exams become an expectation.  In our 4/5 class I want to encourage study behaviours, and developing those skills that will help to manage the stress that can come with final exams, by starting small.  

We have had a few unit tests this year.  In the classroom I provide classroom study time, and time to ask questions.  I also give students study guides or notes to help organize the most important parts. These notes, along with practice exams are meant to help guide home study.  I know many of you wonderful parents spend time supporting your child as they reinforce their skills and develop good study habits too.  Thank you for the time that you put in at home!!  

This year we will have only one final exam in math.  It will take place on Friday June 22nd. Today everyone in our class was given a copy of their practice test.  This helps them to preview the types and number of questions.  It also helps them (and you) to know areas that more practice are needed before the exam.

Please take some time to look over it tonight with your child, and to create a study plan with them.  Your support while they are learning to develop their own study skills is so very instrumental both in helping them to manage any stress, and also to help them to feel confident going into the exam.

* If your child will not be in class on the 22nd, it is very important to set up an alternate, earlier date, with me for them to complete it*

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