Monday, 18 June 2018

Week of: June 18-22

First - I hope that all of you wonderful father's out there that do so much to support and love your children felt that love returned tenfold on Sunday!  I was out hiking myself and saw a lot of father's day family hikes happening along the trail :)

* If you haven't already done so, please return the year end swim consents to me right away*
- Social - data sheet assignment is tomorrow and needs to be ready to present in front of the class.  You can help out at home by being an audience for your child to practice their presentation tonight.

- Social - data sheet assignment is due
-Car building in the afternoon.  If you have a criminal record check complete, and you'd like to join us, please send me an email!

- all swim forms are due returned

 - final night to study for the math final

- Year end math final in the morning.  The format and length will be the same as on the practice final that was sent home a couple of weeks ago. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Finally - wondering about what you can do at home to keep up math skills over the summer Here's a great article about exactly that.  Further down there are even a few bullet points of specific things you can do at home.  A big part of math is knowing the basics and feeling confident, building math into daily life sure helps!

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