Monday, 1 October 2018

Monday updates for 4/5

Today was orange shirt day.  Thank you to all students that were able to participate either by wearing an orange shirt, or by participating in the spirit of understanding that the day represents.  We were treated to a great celebration in the gym explaining and showcasing some of the aboriginal beliefs and dance!

Monday: last period today we had a catch up period.  Please check in with your child to see if they have been keeping up in class and if they need some time to complete overdue work.

Tuesday: Biosphere worm presentation - please return the photo release form tomorrow morning so that our wonderful presenters can take photos.

Friday: This week's spelling assignment is #2.  The assignment is explained right on the white page in the spelling duotang and is due Friday first thing.

Finally - as part of our Waste in our World unit we have a few dozen new pets joining us for a couple of weeks complements of Christian Wright with our garden.  The worm container that he has lent us from the greenhouse will help us to see decomposition in action as we choose substances to test in the soil.

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