Monday, 5 November 2018

For Science we have been talking about biodegradable substances, and decomposers like mold.  During our mold farming lab we were able to see some of these things happening!

Oct. 26


Niamh: The wet things got more moldy!

Remi: Some changed colour, others got hairy like the cantaloupe

Charlie: Things that we touched or bit first (had more bacteria) and they got moldier.

Makyra: Marshmallows didn't get moldy (no change).

Hayden: Things with stuff added in (preservatives) like ketchup and pudding didn't change.

Marina: I think the potato chip oil made them not get moldy.

Leah: Since it's not fresh meat beef jerky didn't change.

Addi: Lots of moisture=mold, dry things =no mold.

Tobin - the grapes are moldy and they are hard now.

Noah: Things with lots of sugar (chocolate chips, sugar, gummies, marshmallows) didn't change.

Keith and Shea: Processed foods grew no mold or very little, fresh foods grew lots.

Easton: the banana grew mold only on the cut side.

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