Monday, 7 January 2019

An important note for all grade 4 families about music.
Dear Gr. 4 Families, 

I hope you've all had restful and relaxing holiday!

As a part of the music curriculum, we will be learning to play the recorder over the next few months! Our program is called Recorder Karate! You will be able to ask your child more about it this week! If you haven't already sent your child to school with a soprano band recorder, please do so as soon as possible. 4A & 4C will begin tomorrow, 4D & 4E on Tuesday. 

If possible, your child may find it useful to have two recorders so that they may leave one recorder at school and one at home for practicing (please note, it is not mandatory to have two, only a suggestion). This way your child will not have to remember to bring the recorder back and forth. They are responsible for bringing their recorder to every music class (unless you have an extra recorder to leave at school). Please encourage your child to practice! Helpful practice hints: 

1. Cover all the holes tightly – leaks cause squeaks! 
2. The left hand is placed above the right hand. 
3. Blow gently with “warm” air -- 'steamy window' trick.

Thanks for your continued support of your child’s creativity in music! 

Musically yours,
Ms. Emro

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