Monday, 21 January 2019

We have quite a few things coming up this week, and a few larger projects also being completed so please look closely at this week's update.

Monday:  students need to be sure to collect items needed to build their pop can dragsters for science tomorrow.  We'll be discussing these in class, but here are some design pictures as well to help you out at home.

Tuesday: We're building our pop can dragsters.  Stay tuned for pictures :)


  • Social regions final projects to be presented today and tomorrow.
  • LA Insect investigation posters are due


  • Remainder of the Social presentations
  • Design/ planning time for Rube Goldberg
Friday: Spelling and assignment #8

* Important Report Card Information*
Report cards will be available for you online the end of this month.  In advance of that please expect to see your child's portfolio coming home the end of this week.  Take the time over the weekend to look through this collection of work (and return them early next week please).  

I love the depth of portfolios as opposed to the overview that you see on report cards, so please take the time to look through it with your child.  This should help you to understand grades and comments that you will see on the report card.  

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Catapult Challenge
In yesterday's blog update there was a video with the pictures of our lab activity.  If that didn't come through for you in the email forwarding system, don't worry, you can always follow the link at the bottom to the actual blog website to see it live.  Here is the link to the folder of pictures too if you'd prefer.

Swim to Survive - by now hopefully you have seen the information and permission forms.  Please return the form signed and dated as soon as possible.

Rube Goldberg  - don't forget to be gathering materials at home for this great machine building project.  We plan to be starting towards the end of next week after we build our pop can racers on Tuesday.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Jan 14 - 18

Deadlines this week:
  Wednesday: Social videos to be completed
  Thursday: Reading Record for improvement is due
  Friday: Full day, Math weekly #7 is due Friday morning at the latest

Other important things -

  • Expect to see a permission form and information letter about swim to survive coming home Tuesday.  Our class will be doing our swim to survive lessons Wednesday and Thursday afternoons starting January 30th.  Please let me know if you are able to walk over with us and join us!
  • In science we will soon be building pop can dragsters which use stored energy from elastic bands to create movement.  (students will need a clean pop can or other hollow cylinder (like a small Pringles container) with a hole on each end (made with a nail is perfect).  Also coming in later next week we will begin planning and building Rube Goldberg machines.  Students should start collecting items for this now.  Cardboard, paper towel rolls and other recyclable items are all very useful.